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Phone Coaching

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Become confident and convincing by developing a personalized strategy with your coach. No travel, convenient times, great results!
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Skype Coaching

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Interview Coaching: In-Person Coaching

Available in Orange County, CA; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; and Phoenix, AZ.

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Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Can you perform the job?
  • Are you a good fit for the job description and culture?
  • Can the company afford you?

If your answers are "YES" – keep reading to learn about the tools and techniques you'll need to get that job! Confidence begins here.

The Interview Coach offers a two session package that includes:

Coaching Sessions - Two sessions of interview coaching by a professionally trained and experienced coach where the focus will be on you and your specific needs, wants and problems. Instant feedback on how you are "coming across" and your body language and gestures.

Materials - Download the workbook and three audio session to listen to at your convenience. The exercises and "Most Frequently Asked Questions" assignment will help you to prepare for your sessions. Your coach will then be able to help you focus on preparing for a successful interview by using tools and techniques. This process will get you organized and able you to talk more confidently and succinctly about any job.

The First Session (telephone, 45 minutes) - In order for the coach to get to know you and what you need and want you will spend phone time supplying the coach information about yourself and your goals. Your coach will assess you situation and suggest ways to improve your presentation style or the way that you may be answering certain questions.

Your Own Personal Statement Written for You - Every client will receive a "5 point" statement covering the highlights of what you have to offer. These 5 points can be used to answer one of the most dreaded questions: "Tell me about yourself," as well as several other questions regarding your experience and education. In fact, your 5 point statement becomes the basis of how to answer several questions about you and why you stand out from the other candidates. This summary can also be used as a closing statement or as a follow up communication to remind the interviewer of who you are why you should be chosen.

It is a personalized statement that only YOU can say. You will receive your 5 point statement by email after the first session.

The Second Session - held in-person at a pre-arranged location. This is a two-hour session where your coach will record your session and will review the recording with you. You will also receive a dvd recording or link to the session so that you can download it and view at your convenience - whenever you feel you need a brush-up. The format of the sessions will be up to you and your needs. Your coaching program tailored to you and we can cover everything from the basics to the more sophisticated problems.

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Our coaching services personalized. To make sure that we understand your situation and which program would serve you best, we offer you a free 10 minute analysis with one of our coaches.

All of our certified coaches use a style that is straightforward. Our coaches are trained and certified in the Carole Martin Interview Coaching Method. We are not going to tell you that you are doing great just to boost your confidence. Your coach will tell you what you are doing right or wrong and how to improve your presentation to be more competitive in today's tough job market.

Our motto is:
Practice = Self Confidence = Successful Interviewing = Job

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To Your Success,

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach