Are you worried about your job search?

With the financial crisis spilling over from Wall Street to Main Street, more people are chasing a dwindling number of job openings.

And it’s only going to get worse before it gets better — that’s what I just read on CNN.com.

But … what if I told you there was a PROVEN way to find a in an economy with 65% unemployment?

That’s right — 65% unemployment. And it is *proven* to work.

Here’s the story …

My good friends, David Perry and Kevin Donlin, two of the world’s top job-search experts (just Google their names) are holding a live tele-class by phone on Thursday, October 24, and they’re going to reveal this — and 5 other stunning techniques — on the call.

Best part: There’s no cost to join and listen!

Here’s what they’ll reveal when you call in:

** How to create a “feeding frenzy” among employers who want to hire you. This worked in a city with 65% unemployment … and it can work for you, too. I don’t care WHERE you live — even Detroit — you’re not battling a 65% unemployment rate. What was
the secret?

** What recovering drug addicts can teach you about resume writing that will change your life forever. (Hint: it increased the success rate for one group of job seekers from 0% to 80%!)

** Extreme Networking Secrets you can use to “recruit yourself” into your next job at a top-notch employer … revealed by a recruiter! (That’s my friend David, the crazed, uber-recruiter who was recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal.)

** Plus, they’ll interview 2 Guerrilla Job Hunters who overcame overwhelming odds to land terrific jobs in highly competitive markets. (I can’t reveal any more about them yet, but their
stories will blow you away — plus, David and Kevin will analyze everything they did, so you can do it, too!)

Most startling of all, perhaps, this call will be FUN.

Fun? Huh?

Isn’t job hunting like doing your taxes or visiting the dentist?

Well, yes. Except when you’re on the phone with David and Kevin.

I’ve talked to them both and … let’s just say that listening to them toss out ideas on job search is like opening a bag full of monkeys in a library.

Join them on Thursday, October 23, and this will all make perfect sense …

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(If that link is dead, it means that all available slots filled
up — sorry in advance.)


Carole Martin
The Interview Coach