Here’s a challenging question for you.

Do you know who the highest paid professionals in the world are?

How about Athletes and Actors? I’d say that’s pretty universal – they get paid a lot to do what they do.

So, what do those two group of people have in common?

They are paid to “get it right.” They practice – and they hire personal coaches to show them how.

So don’t you want to ” get it right”? The interview, that is.

What if you could have all the advantages of having a personal coach – without spending the money to hire one?

What if you could find out the secret to success in presenting yourself as the solution to the employer’s problem?

Well – guess what? You can.

What? Did you say you can’t afford it?

Well, I’m going to tell you how you can –

Join me on a radio broadcast when I will be interviewed by Kenrick Chatman, The Career Catalyst. We’re going to be discussing “Personal Branding for the Job Interview.”

Imagine walking into an interview:

  • Feeling really confident.
  • Feeling like you are prepared.
  • Feeling like you are ready to answer questions that have always intimidated you in the past.

Now, how would you feel if you could walk out of the Job Interview with the job offer and the salary you want?

Listen to how Job Interview Branding can make it happen for you.

I’m America’s #1 Interview Coach and author of five books on the subject of interviewing. I have created the “Job Winning Brand” online tool to assist you in “getting it right.”

I invite you to join me on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at

6:00pm PST
7:00pm MST
8:00pm CST
9:00pm EST

to hear more about moving forward toward success through increased confidence.

This free radio broadcast will be open for audience questions.

Here’s your chance to put me on the spot and ask questions about why you need an interview brand, how this tool works – and how this new tool can help you.

Details to get in on this hour of how to brand yourself for your interview can be found by going to this website:


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Carole Martin, The Interview Coach