About The Format:

Two 90-minute Tele- classes conducted on two separate evenings. You attend from the comfort of your home using your telephone.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in learning how to get “the job” will be invited to watch “the expert” at work – coaching “live” with people in actual job pursuit situations.

People interested in taking the “hot seat” will apply to be interviewed. These people will be screened and chosen based on their ability to speak clearly and on their need to improve their skills – as it would apply to the audience at large. If you are chosen as a “hot seat” participant, you will enjoy personal attention from Coach Carole Martin.

There will be four candidates interviewed and critiqued per session.

Other attendees will be online to listen and learn from this experience. They will be encouraged to send in questions or concerns.

In the first session basic questions will be asked.

“Tell me about yourself.”
“What are your strengths?”
“What are your weaknesses?”
“Why do you want to work here?”
“Give me an example of….”

Instant critique to responses will be given.

This will show the candidate how they can become stronger contenders by giving stronger answers. The feedback will be straight-forward – positive and negative, but never demeaning or condescending.

The second session will be tailored to the questions that have been asked in the emails as well as from the list of the “Most often asked interview questions.”

I’m ready to Join the Speed Interviewing Event

Why should I try Speed Interviewing?

This is a GREAT format for learning because it is “reality-based interviewing,” and coaching.

The benefits to the candidate (or even to potential interviewers or coaches will be):

To Experience Reality Interviewing Demonstrations.

Hear Advice and Tips From The #1 “Interview Coach” In America.

A Chance To Learn Through The “Pain” And “Mistakes Of Others – Unless You Want To Participate And Learn From First Hand Experience.

To Learn What You May Be Doing To Shoot Yourself In The Foot — While Your Foot Is In Your Mouth.

To Learn How To Formulate The Best Answers Based On The Experts Advice And Critiques

How to deal with difficult or sensitive problems experienced by many candidates.

Qualifications and requirements for applying for the “hot seat” will be emailed to you after you Click to Reserve Your Spot.

Visit me at www.interviewfitnesstraining.com/speed.htm