In my quest to help people with interviewing techniques, I am
constantly thinking of ideas for new techniques and tools. I
really think that my latest tool is one of the best ideas I’ve
ever had.

It’s a way for YOU to use my coaching “methodology” and get
instant results – just by pushing a button!

I don’t think you need to be reminded of the tough job market
out there or the fact that you need to make yourself stand out
from the pack – or, that if you don’t you will lose out on an
opportunity. You probably have walked in those shoes and know
what it feels like to be rejected.

But I do think you need to think about changing the odds and
making yourself unique and “remember-able.”

The question is, “How can you make yourself stand out when
there are so many other candidates looking at the same job?”

The answer is: “BRAND YOURSELF.”

This is what companies do when they want to sell something –
they use whatever methods necessary to tell the customers who
they are, what they do and how they do it – they “brand” the

BUT – “How do I brand myself?” – “I’m not a product?”

Ah ha — This is my big surprise – and it is also the number
one secret of successful interview preparation.

You have to begin to think of yourself as a product!

What this means is you have to discover What Makes You Unique –
and to begin thinking of yourself as a product and what values
you have to offer.

Effective branding used in the interview is the same technique
that is used in business. It is telling the customer (in this
case the interviewer) who you are; what you can do and have done
in he past (your unique qualities); and why they should buy
(hire you).

To do this you should put together a statement listing all your
unique qualities – and then make it into a concise statement to
present to the employer when any of the standard questions come
up like:

– “Tell me about yourself.”
“What makes you unique?”
– “What can you bring to this position that the other candidates
can – or can’t?
– “What are you strengths?”
– “Tell me something about you that will make me remember you
after you leave the interview.”

The problem for most people is getting to those qualities. When
I ask candidates what their strength is, one of the most common
answers is “I’m a hard worker.”

You will have to go beyond “hard worker” to do this properly.
You will have to dig deep. You will really need to think of
those qualities that make you stand out.

I can see that your eyes are glazing over as you read this
assignment – thinking to yourself – “How do I do this?” “Where
do I start?”

Well, I have come up with a new online tool that you can use
as a shortcut to preparing a concise statement of the qualities
that make you unique by using a “5 point” statement – that just
happens to be the basis of my coaching.

And, I give you a guaranteed method to use so that don’t you
forget what you were going to say because you are so nervous.
This tool I’ve come up with is really cool, unique, and easy to
use – and, you can use over and over again.

This tool is going to change your whole interviewing technique
– and I believe that you will see instant results.

People who have used my 5-point methodology in the past have
written to me:

Hi Carole

“I used your five points today in my interview with XXXXXX
Company. They worked out great. As you mentioned to really mine
the gold and I determined beforehand that they were looking for
expertise in change, lean implementation, organizational
diagnostics and high performing work systems. I then went back
to my five points and made sure that I specifically hit these
areas hard as well as telling how I did it and why. Much more
compelling. Before I was trying to go into the minute details
now I hit the high points. Night and day difference, so thank

Seeking HR Exec position –Thomas

Hi Carole

“I was able to deliver the 5 points! It is very easy to forget
if you don’t use your fingers because of the nervousness and
constant eye contact. The fact I could use my fingers to
remember the 5 points was immensely helpful!” Alex

See for yourself – review the “Before” and “After” recording on
our web site at

Here is what you will get:

1. 3-month unlimited access to your personal Job Winning Brand
account where you can use the tool over and over until you get
your statement just the way you want it.

2. Proven method for remembering your statement in your

3. Bonus Exercise – Your Motivation. Personal statement to help
you with a succinct statement for the question, “When have you
been most satisfied with your career?”

4. Bonus Exercise – “What are your Work Values” – You are your
best critique. This exercise helps you analyze your work values
and figure out where you shine.



Carole Martin
The Interview Coach