Join me Live – January 14 and 15 to brush up your interview skills.

If you dare – take the “Hot Seat” and I will interview YOU and give you instant feedback.

This is a teleconference you can attend from the comfort of your home – one hour each night.

We will be going over questions like,

“Tell me about yourself”
“What are your weaknesses”
“Tell me about a time when…..”

Do you have age concerns? This is the time to figure out how to get over that hurdle – before your next interview!

Do you know how to remember what you want to say without taking a sheet of paper to the interview with you?

Do you know how to answer questions with the “sandwich technique.”

You’ll learn it all and if you choose to be in the “Hot Seat” you’ll get to practice with America’s #1 Interview Coach.

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The Speed Interview Event

I want to help you get the job you want.

Warm wishes,

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach