1. Ability to Communicate orally /Relate well with others – customer service 2. Ability to Adapt and be Flexible to changing situations 3. Ability to Evaluate information/Judgment Decisions/ Problem Solving 4. Ability to demonstrate Honesty and Integrity 5. Ability to Organize, Plan, and Prioritize ———————- Tweet and LinkedIn Feeling stuck in your job search? http://www.careercast.com/career-news/tips-stagnant-job-search Read More
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“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ― St. Francis of Assisi Read More
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The story you decide to tell matters just as much as how you decide to tell it. Anett Grant is the CEO of Executive Speaking, Inc. and the author of the new e-book, CEO Speaking: The 6-Minute Guide. Since 1979, Executive Speaking has pioneered breakthrough approaches to helping leaders from all over the world—including leaders from 61 of the Fortune 100 companies—develop leadership presence, communicate complexity, and speak with precision and power. Read More
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Select the strongest answer. (A) I have been selecting companies and organizations whose mission statements are in line with my personal values and business ethics, where I know I can use my past experiences to be excited about what this company offers its customers. I want to represent a company with a dynamic product portfolio, who is a market leader with the technologies and people in place to be successful. I want to perform, learn, Read More
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“You say you have good customer service skills. Tell me about a time when you used good customer service skills in your job.” Click Here Expert advice by Carole Martin – The Interview Coach—- Read More
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