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How a Job Interview Coach can help you:

  • Your coach will help you gain more confidence to interview successfully.

  • Your coach will give you straightforward feedback and a plan for success when interviewing.

  • You will walk away with tools to assist you when answering difficult questions asked in interviews.

  • You will understand what they want to hear when they say, “Tell me about yourself.”

We are The Interview Coaches, Rod Buchanan and Carole Martin, who have coached literally thousands of candidates ranging from Administration to FBI Agent candidates and everything in-between. We would like very much to chat with you and find out what’s going on in your career and interviews.

Through our extensive experience and education, you will find a quick chat very rewarding and you will receive immediate feedback and options available to you.

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Live Virtual Coaching

Immediate Feedback or Preparation for customized Interview preparation

No traveling – Get In-Person attention – Complete Critique of Your Interview Style

Students and New Grads

For Students/New Grads/First Time Interview & Job Seekers Who Need to Improve Skills

Give your “GRAD” (or yourself!) the gift of a lifetime.Follow the advice of sage coaches and begin your journey onto the “World of Work.”

Phone Coaching

Increase Your Chances of Getting Offers

Become confident and convincing by developing a personalized strategy with your coach. No travel, convenient times, great results!

You’re about to discover the inside secrets for becoming the top candidate in a highly competitive market based on my experience on the other side of the interview desk conducting 1,000’s of interviews.

And the best part? You can get an enormous edge over your competition by practicing these simple techniques for just a day or two.


I wanted to take a second to thank you for all the help and guidance you gave my son. From the discussions I have had over the past few weeks with him, his confidence and his realization of how he can better answer interview questions has changed a lot. During the time he spent with you, after purchasing the Ultimate Package, I have seen his confidence start to come back again which I saw go down when he was not doing as well as he could have in interviews. Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Doug M.


Thanks for your help with the interview preparation last month. I just wanted to let you know that I was offered and I accepted the position as Eastern Division Director of Field Programs for the Land Trust Alliance.

While I ended up going “off script” during the actual interview, talking with you did in fact help give me more confidence, provided a framework and structure for answering questions, and helped me be far more prepared with well thought out stories and examples to back up my qualifications for the job.

Thank you for your valuable service.


Rod Buchanan was extremely helpful in preparing me for my interview. Not only did he work hard with me in writing well prepared answers, but accurately predicted the questions that they would ask. I was 100% prepared for the interview and felt very relaxed and confident. He exceeded my expectations in every way! Thank you for helping me succeed in getting the job offer.


Dear Rod,

Thank you for being extremely helpful in preparing me for my interview. Not only did you work hard with me in writing well prepared answers, but you accurately predicted the questions that they would ask. I was 100% prepared for the interview and felt very relaxed and confident. Thank you for helping me succeed in getting a job offer. You exceeded my expectations in every way! It was such a pleasure working with you!

Trish C.

Rod is one of one of the best professional coaches we have in the business today. Rod’s commitment levels are rare, and commendable – he gives it his all! Rod brings in a very clear framework, and creates metrics for success. As an HR leader, I implicitly trust Rod’s coaching/mentoring skills. What makes him authentic is the fact that he has tremendous business experience, and draws from it to coach/mentor his clients. I highly recommend Rod to anyone who is looking for a coach/mentor/guide.


I would highly recommend Rod Buchanan. Not only if you’re seeking a specific role; but also if you’re looking to increase your marketability as a candidate more broadly. I considered myself a decent interviewee prior to working with Rod; it’s amazing the level of improvement I’ve made. Rod is incredibly intelligent, and his ability to take abstract concepts and apply them to real world interview scenarios is second to none. He went above and beyond with me; his dedication and attentiveness made me feel like I was his only client and he sincerely cared about my progress and ultimate outcome. The skills I’ve learned working with Rod will be useful for the rest my life and I’m truly grateful. I feel incredibly prepared for any interview and I feel like I’m substantially more attractive as a candidate overall after going through Rod’s program.

Thanks again for your help!
`Michael B.

Law Enforcement & FBI Phase II Test Interview


The words, “Tell me about yourself,” may not be the exact words used – but the question will be there

“Who are you?”

You should be able to articulate what you have to offer – particularly as a match for the requirements of the job. Give a quick summary of your experience – your strengths – positive feedback you’ve received – and your interests (if they are interesting).

Don’t just walk them through your resume – a different question – that’s what you’ve done – not who you are.


The most dreaded question of all. Handle this question by minimizing the weakness and emphasizing the strengths. Stay away from personal qualities and concentrate on professional traits:

Use the Sandwich Technique.

(+) Start with positive statement
() Slip in the negative
(+) End with positive statement


“I am always working on improving my communication skills to be a more effective presenter. I take every opportunity to practice speaking before groups and I recently joined Toastmasters which I find very helpful.”


The interviewer is listening for an answer that indicates you’ve given this question some thought, and are not just sending out resumes because there is an opening. Doing research should give you plenty of reasons why you want to work there. Sincere interest and flattery go A LONG way.


Carole, thank you again for your assistance and help the past few weeks, especially given the short-turn around from the time I was notified when my interview was scheduled. I will most definitely be recommending you and passing your name on to a few of my friends who want to pursue this kind of work.

To anyone reading this, I can attest to the great product you’ll receive from Carole Martin while pursuing your dream job.

Listen to her feedback and apply it! The biggest piece of advice Carole mentioned to me was to be myself! BE YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF and BE YOURSELF! I showed my human side.

Again, do not be afraid to show yourself and your experiences! Have fun with the interview and relax!

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