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Oprah, Lady Gaga, And Your Job Interview

Two very different women. Two very different styles and generations. So what do they have in common? Oprah's message has...
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Pomp and Circumstance – and Welcome to the World of Work

It's a time for joy – A time for tears – A time we'll treasure – Through the years –...
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Your Job Search “Wish List” – Knowing What YOU Want

Reading through the various tweets and blogs - all the experts are talking about what you need to do to...
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Women – Your Job Search and Social Networking

It appears, from studies conducted over the past few years that women are more actively involved in using Social Media...
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Hollywood Award Nominees & Your Job Interview

In case you haven’t noticed - it’s Awards time in Hollywood. There are numerous award shows that honor the top-performers...
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Donald Trump – “The Apprentice” and Your Job Interview

If you’re a fan of the show “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump you know that the winner this season was...
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Interview help on Blog Radio

If you like to listen to blog radio and are seeking job tips and advice - great speakers and topics...
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Uncle Sam is Staffing Up — Where the Jobs Are

Here is a resource for Government Jobs:"Between now and September 2012, the outlook for federal government careers will be sunny...
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My First Ever Free Interview Training and Job Search Community Call

You can now listen to my Free Community Interview Training Call - why free, because my goal is the same...
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Free Teleseminar with Me and Kelly Harrington of Career Max Group

Hello:We had a great teleseminar earlier this week where Kelly Harrington of Career Max Group turned the tables on me,...
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Tell Me About Yourself

Building Your Job Interview Brand Online (more…)
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Job Interviewing Tips: Explaining Why You Are Retuning To The Job Market

Some people's lives begin to sound like a Soap Opera because there have been so many extenuating circumstances. Nobody's perfect....
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Mult-Tasking Your Job Search

Time is of the essence - here's how to get it done efficientlyWhile watching a student on campus one day...
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Fiesty Side of Fifty – Listen to me on Blog Radio

I share my personal story of success starting after the age of fifty. Listen to my tips for overcoming ageism...
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It’s Never Too Late For Success!

I'm sharing my personal story of success starting after the age of fifty. Join me for tips to overcome ageism...
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Rod is one of one of the best
professional coaches we have in
the business today. Rod’s
commitment levels are rare, and
commendable – he gives it his
all! Rod brings in a very clear framework, and
creates metrics for success. As an HR leader,
I implicitly trust Rod’s coaching/mentoring skills.
What makes him authentic is the fact that he has
tremendous business experience, and draws from
it to coach/mentor his clients. I highly
recommend Rod to anyone who is looking for a


“I bought your Instant Interview
Coach package a few days ago.
I went for a very formal
government job
and was able
to considerably improve my
interview performance by focusing on my
friendliness (I think I usually come across as
pretty officious in an interview due to being
anxious) and my ability to enthusiastically lead
a team to outstanding outcomes (I usually try to
prove I can do a hundred things which ends up
like a shopping list).”

I was a lot less stressed than usual and had
the five fingers full of things I wanted to add and
I had a question for them that led to them giving
me a lot of info and us having a laugh together
(always a good sign!).”

– B. Jackson


Dear Carole,

Thank you so much for being
such an extraordinary “early
morning” interviewing skills
coach. Your skill in providing
insight into my communication style was spot-on.
Today during my interview, I was relaxed and the
interview that was for 1 hour went to 1.5 hours
and the interviewer closed for a second interview.
The time flew and the interview was more
conversational. Furthermore and most
importantly, I was well prepared and everything
aspect I prepared for with you was used during
the interview.

Some other good news…yesterday, was really
fabulous as I also received notice of two
additional terrific positions and they both were
referrals from people who worked with me in the
past. Any leads were sparse for a year. But, now
everything seems to be full speed ahead for a
finding a career position that matches with
my values.

You get my five finger vote for Virtual Coach
of the year.


Carole, thank you again for your
assistance and help the past
few weeks, especially given the
short-turn around from the time
I was notified when my
interview was scheduled. I will most definitely be
recommending you and passing your name on to
a few of my friends who want to pursue this kind
of work.