You say you’re feeling nervous about interviewing?

Guess what – so is everybody else. It is very common to be nervous before the interview. It’s also OK to be nervous. Being anxious can raise your energy level and that’s a good thing.
Here are some tips from successful job searchers –what works best and what doesn’t work.

1. Prepare

“Preparation builds my confidence. I review what I did at my previous jobs so I can tie in what I can bring to the new company.”

“Physically writing down my answers makes it seem more like I’m going to perform in a play rather than go on a job interview. I feel more focused about what I am going to say.”

2. Practice

“Rehearse your answers. Write them down as a script and recite them in front of a mirror. Have backup answers, too. You’ll come across as being more confident.”

“The best thing you can do is Practice, Practice, and Practice some more. The only one who knows you and can sell you, is ‘you.’ Your goal should be to effectively display the following qualities: capability, confidence, dependability, enthusiasm, flexibility, resourcefulness, and strong work ethic.”

3. Relax

“Are you being yourself? If you are great! You should be able to interview and be employed with the same personality. Some people ‘lay it on thick for the interview. I call that the ‘Eddie Haskil syndrome.’ Your tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language speak volumes about you. Let the interviewer get to know the real you.”

“Try this – You are having a casual conversation with someone you know, but not really well. Don’t try to anticipate too much, just respond as if it were a conversation.”

“Remember in this country, they can’t skin you and they can’t eat you – so relax.”

Tips for sweaty hands – “A light layer of anti-per spirant works.” Deodorant on the hands works beautifully. It actually smelled good and my hands felt soft, warm and dry. You have no idea how much better I felt.”

Motivate Yourself

“Searching for a job is not easy. You may find your emotions rising and falling like a roller coaster. It’s important that you keep your morale up during this period of job search.”

“Remember when one door closes, another one opens. The fact that you are proactively seeking advice and support says a lot about you.”

“Be kind to yourself. Call someone you know to vent to – and watch or read something that will make you smile or laugh.”

“Keep up the momentum and don’t give up. Giving up is defeat and you’re not a quitter.”



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