1. When you change careers the focus will be on the “softer” skills – referred to as “transferable” or “portable” skills.These skills include communication skills, ability to work with a diversity of people, ability to plan and organize, time management, etc.

2. Each candidate is unique. What makes you unique? Think about your personality and your personal traits. One of the things that the interviewer is looking for is “someone to fit in” – who is likeable – will work well with the other team members. Personal traits could be the tie breaker between two equally qualified people. Think of at least five personal traits that make you unique – friendly, flexible, quick learner, reliable, responsible, easy to get along with.

3. Believe in yourself. Show confidence in the fact that you can do the job. Any sales person will tell you that when you believe in your product and its reliability it will is far easier to sell and influence someone to buy.

4. Prepare five to ten questions to ask about the company. It is also important to listen to what is said as a way to formulate other questions. If a certain topic, for example, “databases,”has been brought up, be sure to ask questions about the database -the challenges and the problems with the database.

5. Prepare stories about your past experiences where you used similar skills that would be needed for the position you are interviewing for. When you can show examples of past successes, you will have a better chance of showing the interviewer that you have used similar skills even if the job duties are different.