Changing careers or re-entering the work force can feel very intimidating to someone who is facing a tough job market plus a tough sell. Employers are in the “driver’s seat” with so many applicants to choose from and this can put you in a position of feeling less qualified than others.

The first thing to do is to stop focusing on what you don’t have and start focusing on what you do have. Reading through the job description and doing a “compare and contrast” exercise between what is needed in the new job and what you did in your former jobs will be one way to convince yourself that you have something to offer. Jobs are often more alike than they are different as far as skills required.

Another confidence builder will be to focus on your strengths by doing an inventory on your transferable skills – the skills that you can bring to any company. And sometimes it will be your personal traits that will make you unique. Feeling confident that you have something to offer and that you are not a beginner will set the tone of your interview. You bring experience – that is either rusty or in a different field.

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