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In an interview, if you are asked to tell me about a time you failed?
What are they looking for? What are the red flags? What is a good safe answer?

Answer From The Interview Coach

First of all, there is no such thing as a “safe answer.”

The interview process should be about “them” getting to know “you” and whether you are a good fit for the position – a good addition to the “team.”

If you think “factors” that they are seeking – it is about your JUDGMENT – HOW YOU MAKE DECISIONS.

It is a very “rare” person – or a “liar”; who says he/she never made a mistake or failed.

It’s part of putting yourself out there. If you sit at home all day—chances are you may not make a mistake or fail. (didn’t burn any toast that day or cut yourself)
But, when we go out into the world we chance things will happen to us –
 good and bad.

It is also a part of your EQ – Emotional Quotient—Emotional Intelligence -EI.

I believe it is how you deal with failure. Are you able to accept and re-group? Or, do you give up?

What did you learn from the failure? How did it help you in the long run? Are you able to get back up and try again? Are you able to extend help to others who are struggling?

You might want to do a little reading about EQ – it is about how you behave in negative situations. (roll with the punches – learn and move on – adapt – take constructive criticism as a learning experience) It’s all a part of you and your ability to “cope.”