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Advice from someone who persisted and received a job offer.

When you leave one job – regardless of the reasons – it takes a while to get used to not doing what you were doing.
Your routine is gone.

It’s kind-of-like getting a divorce.
You need to take some time and get used to the idea that it is over.

I took a month off between jobs. I tried to establish a routine, keeping busy so that I was not sitting around feeling sorry for myself – that’s the worst thing you can do.

Just say, “NO,” to businesses that want a lot of money up front to help you get a job.

“During the course of my search, I was contacted by a company who wanted to help find me a job if I paid them $1100 to market me. They wanted $650 upfront. I told them, “I don’t think so.”

They told me there were no real jobs on the Internet. There was no way was I going to pay that money for a “marketing” letter and a resume.

Basically, I used a combination of Internet – 75%, (you can find such a wealth of information out there), networking – 10-15%, and the rest was newspaper.

Interview Success Factor?
I’m not sure what I do differently in an interview. I guess I am personable and I tend to be animated and just be me. I attribute a lot of my success to preparing those stories that The Interview Coach teaches.

“What was the problem?”
“What did you do about the problem?”
“What was the result?”

Most of the interviews asked behavioral questions, “Tell me about a time when….

Questions asked
The questions they asked were pretty much about what I had done in the past and how I did it.

How did you do this…?
How did you increase quality?
What are your experiences in …?
Have you done this before?
What is your approach to…?

I had prepared and was able to relate my success stories to them with no problem. Preparation did make a difference.

Don’t give up – be persistent. What do you have to lose?
Also, keep in touch with friends.
This is how I get support as well as network building. I use email if they are out of the area.
It’s nice to receive encouragement. They told me “You’re a good guy, you’ll get something soon.”

And, I did!

Try The Interview Coach’s Job Values Exercise here: https://app.assessmentgenerator.com/assessment/8712