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It’s OK To Be Nervous

It would be nice if your heart didn’t palpitate, your hands didn’t sweat, and your mouth didn’t go dry, but most people, even executives, experience one or more of these symptoms when they interview.

But here’s the good news: it’s OK to be nervous. Let me repeat that. It’s OK to be nervous, and it is essential for you to accept theway you feel.

It is very unrealistic to tell yourself you should be different from the way you really are. It just makes you feel worse about yourself. By shifting your thinking to self-acceptance, you feel more in controland more confident almost immediately.

What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen?

For many people the worst thing that can happen is “rejection” – not getting an offer. It is a common fear. Who wants to be rejected? It’s much more desirable to be the “rejecter,” the one to say, “No thank you. I don’t think I’ll take your job offer.” Did you ever think that
maybe that job wasn’t right for you? That maybe you weren’t being objective about the process? That you just wanted an offer – to be accepted? Try to look at the process from another perspective: as a learning experience.

Face the Fear
What is making you feel nervous? What is it you fear? If one of our greatest fears is rejection, and one of our greatest needs is acceptance, going through the interview process is like walking on hot coals.

(excerpt from Interview Fitness Training – Carole Martin)


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