There’s this kind of sleazy show that draws a huge crowd of viewers called “The Bachelor” that is currently running on TV.

This show is the “ultimate” interview process when it comes to getting the job. (Being chosen as the potential wife of “the bachelor.”

There are twenty-five candidates at the start of the show – contenders for the job. We are not sure how the twenty-five are chosen – but they are the “candidate pool.”

Week-by-week, one-by-one, they are eliminated – many in the beginning and then it narrows down to the final few.

When all is said and done, one “special person” is chosen.

What happens to all the other candidates? Even those who are “crushed.”

They move on and find other people to date – “life goes on.”

What happens when you do not get your “dream job?”

You move on. You gave it your best shot – hopefully. That’s all you can do.

“Life goes on.”