The FBI Interview Coach

  My FBI agency interview training program has been so successful that I’ve started a new website just to cater to those interested in a career in public service. Please click below to start your specialized interview training.
I have coached over 2,500 candidates for the FBI as well as many others for jobs with other federal agencies – Secret Service, Border Patrol, DSS, ATF, DEA, Air Marshals, Foreign Service – and others. The packages that I offer are intended to get you ready to feel prepared, confident, and to be able to answer the questions that are asked with as much ease as possible.

The FBI Phase II and Phase III interviews are the most intense and challenging interviews of their kind. Will you be ready for the call?

FBI Testimonials

 Received 3-02-16 Good news Carole – just heard that I passed the Phase II interview! Fitness test on Friday! I wanted to thank you very much for your help. I felt much better prepared going in having gone over things with you first. Getting your feedback on all the stories I sent over was immensely helpful, and during the interview itself morphing was definitely key.
 Received 12-01-15 Hi Carole just wanted to thank you for all your help preparing me for my interview. I heard back and I passed!!! Your information was spot on. With only a week to prepare your information was invaluable to me and without It I would have had no chance in passing. Every question they asked I had a story ready before they finished asking it. I had to morph a couple of story’s but very few. Thank you again for your help I would have been lost without it.
 Received 2-25-16 Hi Carole! Just wanted to let you know… I graduated from Quantico this past Thursday!! And, could not be more excited. I will actually be spending some time on the applicant squad, thankfully I know a little bit now about how to have a good interview I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Hope all is well with you!