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Federal, State & Local Agencies

My State and Federal agency interview training program has been so successful that I’ve started a new website just to cater to those interested in a career in public service. Please click below to start your specialized interview training.

The packages that I offer are intended to get you ready to feel prepared, confident, and to be able to answer the questions that are asked with as much ease as possible. 

I have coached over 2,500 candidates for the FBI as well as many others for jobs with other federal agencies – Secret Service, Border Patrol, DSS, ATF, DEA, Air Marshals, Foreign Service – and others. The packages that I offer are intended to get you ready to feel prepared, confident, and to be able to answer the questions that are asked with as much ease as possible.

The Interview Coach’s law enforcement and public safety coaching 
experience extends to all major state and federal agencies.

State and Federal Agency Training Testimonials

 FEDERAL AIR MARSHALLS “I passed!!! I am extremely happy!!! I wanted to email you right after the interview, but it was impossible. Knowing THE FACTORS is what really helped me!! Every time I was asked a question, I thought of the factors. That’s the key and of course your personality. Another female was interviewed that day, so I had competition. She had much more military experience; on top of that, she had more years working in the federal government than I did. Of course I felt threatened by her, but while we were waiting she never exchanged a word with anyone around, not even to say “good morning”. It was at that time that I realized I had something that she didn’t – my personality!! I have a great sense of humor and according to my friends, I’m very likeable!! So, when one of the interviewers told me it was my turn, I cracked a joke and that broke the ice between us. During the entire panel interview, I felt that I was telling stories to my friends. So even though the other female had more work experience, she didn’t pass and I did. I really think it was because she didn’t let them know who she was as a person! Thank you so much Carole for helping me!! I recommended your program to some of my co-workers! It helped me alot!!”
 DSS “I’m pleased to inform you that I passed the DSS BEX interview this week. The materials you provided in regards to the DSS were very helpful. The comments you sent me from prior candidates were accurate. For those looking to interview with the DSS, be sure to know the job for which you are applying and carefully read the advice left by previous candidates. Having leadership experience was a big plus. The writing portion was simple and straightforward. I heard that I was the only person who passed this week at my interview location. I also heard that the State Department isn’t looking to hire more than 100 new agents this coming fiscal year, so the competition is tough. Thank you, again. Your coaching played big part in my success.
 POLICE OFFICER “I want to thank you for your help. My stories were great! Knowing how to build a story, I was able to come up with the same type of answers for the situational questions they asked. What a relief! This was a much better experience from the first time. I talked to a few guys afterwards; they just weren�t prepared and went blank with their answers Thank you again. I recommended you to those guys that blew it.
 DEA “I just wanted to let you know that I passed my DEA interview. They pretty much told me within five minutes of completing it, which I wasn’t expecting at all. Thanks for all of your help. I stayed calm, joked with the agents, and had a story ready for every question. I wouldn’t have been as prepared if it weren’t for your help. I’ll definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again!”
 INTERNAL CANDIDATE FOR THE FBI (Investigative Specialist) “I just wanted to let you know that I passed Phase 2! My interview went really well. In fact, it was the best interview I have ever had. My interviewers were very friendly and they tried to make me feel comfortable as soon as I walked into the room. As you predicted in our second session, I felt as if I was talking to some of my Special Agent friends the entire interview and so I acted and spoke naturally and didn’t appear too nervous. I think that I impressed them from the very first question. From there, I had a good story for every question. Thank you so much for pushing me to improve my stories. I think that it made a huge difference in how confident and prepared I felt, which, as you already know, is key to passing this interview.