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A. Preparation – try going through the following steps and see if you are able to discover some things about yourself and what makes you unique. No two people are exactly alike.

Step 1.

List the skills and experiences you have that would be required in the type of job you are seeking. For instance, a technical job would focus on programs, languages, and platforms, etc.

Step 2

Give some thought to those skills in which you excel, those that are referred to as the “soft skills.” These skills can be viewed as transferable– you can take them with you to any job you hold.

Step 3

Next , think of the personal traits that make you unique. Maybe you never miss deadlines, or perhaps you are willing to do above and beyond what is asked, or perhaps you have a great attitude. (Don’t dismiss these traits—many people have been fired for negative personal traits rather than for lack of knowledge).

Step 4

Make a list of those strengths and some examples of when those strengths have helped you achieve results on the job. It will be essential that you can not only identify your strengths, but that you also have examples and stories of times when you demonstrated those strengths in the past.

Step 5

The next step is to make a list of 5 points you want the interviewer to remember about you – the ones that combined – make you unique.

When you walk out of that interview room, your interviewer may not remember all your points; but if they remember even two of the points that make you unique.