Have you ever wondered how two equally qualified candidates can walk into an interview, but only one walks out with the job?

What is it that sets the two apart?  Why does one candidate get the job and the other sent on his way feeling like he failed?

Finding Your Ace
An important factor with any interview is being able to distinguish yourself from the next person who walks through the door. It is essential that you discover “your ace,” and be able to talk about what makes you unique.

There are three categories of skills to consider when deciding what make you unique.

Knowledge-based skills – learned through experience or education – computer programs, graphics, languages, writing, training, management, chemistry, coaching, sales, leadership.

Transferable skills – that are portable – you can take them with you to almost any job – communication, listening, decision making, judgment, initiative, negotiation, planning, organizing, time management, some leadership skills.Think about what you have to offer in the way of transferable skills. Chances are that you are probably taking some of the skills that make you unique for granted.

Personal skills – the qualities that make you who you are – flexible, integrity, friendly, dependable, decisive, reliable, calm, high-energy, patient, good attitude, adaptable, detail-oriented.These skills cannot be taught, even though some employers would like to, and should be valued as important.

When trying to establish what makes you unique, think of all three categories and where you want to focus to let the interviewer know that you are the best person for the job and why.