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I knew the interview was going well when I noticed that the panelists had relaxed in their chairs and were laughing along with me. My ability to be myself was a direct consequence of having adequately prepared and feeling genuinely confident that I was the best person for the job. By the time I left the interview, I knew that I’d killed it.

After my first interview, I knew that I’d failed to convince two key people on the hiring panel. I was confident in my expertise, but was having difficulty being myself. Thankfully, I was invited for a second interview that gave me another opportunity to win them over.

That’s when I hired YOU 

Your assistance with strategizing helped clarify for me what I needed to do to seal the deal.

With respect to feedback, I found the materials to be quite useful. Although not everything was ‘new’, it helped remind me of a few of the fundamentals of interviewing. Things that I knew, at least at one point, but might have forgotten because I was out of practice.

I also found our coaching call was quite useful in highlighting some of my nervous tendencies (e.g. forgetting about the importance of personality, my use of too many laundry lists, and not communicating my passion appropriately) and how I might be able to overcome them.

It was also nice to be able to play back the recording of my responses to some questions and be able to critique myself. I’d tried recording responses to questions myself, but I found it to be a much more authentic simulation to answer questions for you in real time.


I received the official offer on Wednesday and signed the following day. They made an offer that I was quite happy with.