Too Old and Too Many Jobs

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I retired 9 years ago after a good, solid 20 year career – retiring as finance executive.  Earned two management jobs at two other large, high visibility organizations.  I have a Masters degree and am a Certified Management Accountant.

I made the mistake of going to work for a company that was broke.  I helped turn them around and put them in good financial condition.  I was offered a job by the guy who’d been hired to lead the turn around and, off I went to another sad little company.  Then…. I did another one, and another and another.

My problem is that now I can’t get a job anywhere except at financially messed up organizations.  As one search firm told me:  “you’re a fixer and the employer I represent isn’t broke.  I can’t market you”.

I look like someone who can’t keep a job and every time this comes up in an interview situation, it’s a disaster.

Do you have any suggestions about how to handle the appearance of too many jobs over too short a time span?

Thanks so much!

  • Answer from The Interview Coach

You are “problem solver” and every company has problems.
The search firm gave you very “narrow-minded” advice.

Begin thinking of all the “transferable” skills that you have. Skills. you could bring to any job – analytical thinking, communication, attention to detail, adaptable, etc.

If you are getting interviews – your résumé is working.

If you aren’t getting interviews – you need some professional feedback on how to re- position yourself.

If you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results – something needs to change.

Good luck on finding.a new niche.

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