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Select the strongest answer.

(A) I have been selecting companies and organizations whose mission statements are in line with my personal values and business ethics, where I know I can use my past experiences to be excited about what this company offers its customers. I want to represent a company with a dynamic product portfolio, who is a market leader with the technologies and people in place to be successful. I want to perform, learn, and grow professionally, while being recognized for my contributions.

(B) I found the job posting on the Internet, and I have to admit I hadn’t heard of your company. But once I started doing my research I was very impressed with what I saw and the direction that your company is moving. As I went through the requirements of this job and matched them against my experience and skills it just started to click into place. I believe I am a perfect match for this position. . I have a great deal of experience doing this type of job and your company values are in line with the values I am seeking in a job.

(C) When I saw this posting, I knew this was the job for me. I have always been a fan of your clothing line and buy at your stores all the time. I would really like to be able to say I work for this company. It’s important to me that the company I work for have a good reputation and good products. I see this as a great opportunity for me to be with a top-notch company that I really feel good about.


The Strongest Answer

(B) This is the strongest answer because it speaks to the question and lets the interviewer know how you came to be there – the journey. The answer reflects research and on your part. When you compare and contrast what you have against what they are looking for you spell out the match. This answer reflects confidence that you believe in yourself, and you are the best candidate for the position. . If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else believe in you? In an actual interview you could spell out the relevant experience you have to show the interviewer the match in skills against requirements.

The Mediocre Answer

(A) This is a weaker answer because it is a typical canned answer. It is right out of a book and could be said by almost anyone. When you are in the interview it is important that the interviewer get to know “you” as a person. Flattery will get you everywhere – but false flattery will get you nowhere. The interview is a conversation with another person – not a lecture. It is your job to converse on an engaging style by being “yourself.”

The Weakest Answer
(C) This is the weakest answer. It emphasizes “you” and what you can get from the opportunity. While being a fan or customer of a company is good from the consumer point of view, the answer would be stronger if you looked at the business side of the situation, for instance, by talking about one of your favorite ads or marketing campaigns used by the company or how the company is doing against its competitors. Tell them something that indicates how your role as a consumer relates to the job you are applying for. Simply being a fan or customer of a company does not get you any extra points in the interview process.