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Carole Martin, The Interview Coach
By: Lisa, a recent client

I’m a RN with my BSN. I’ve actively been seeking employment for a clinical II RN position for approximately two years. Huge roadblock: I’ve been out of the workforce for over a decade.

The situation I brought to Carole, The Interview Coach, after sporadic, non-offer interviews was, in my opinion, hopeless. Out of the field 12 years and switching from a clinical RN background to a hopeful non-clinical case management position seemed insurmountable. My interview with a major firm was on Friday for a case management position.

I contacted Carole on the Tuesday prior. Carole Martin is, in my opinion, a most humble, yet brilliant, person in her field. Within 3 days, she had sent me countless interview tips to review and practice; assisted me with my five basic points which would put my exceptional talents into answer format; focused on what made me stand out as a candidate for the position; and empowered me with positive reinforcement.

Carole enlightened me as to how my clinical, “transferable” skills would be a tremendous way of enhancing the interviewer’s opinion as to “could I do this job well?” By using clinical experiences in story format, she maintained the interviewer could then begin to size me up, regardless if I’d never done the job before. “Lisa….it’s about can you do this job?”

It would be an endless task to attempt to describe to what degree Carole helped me develop a completely different style of selling myself and, key, believing in myself.

Friday arrives and I feel confident that this is the best prepared I’d EVER been for an interview. THE DAY I INTERVIEWED, the hiring manager spoke to HR and said, “Please contact Lisa on Monday morning with a job offer.”

Amazing salary, totally benefited, bonus incentives, room to grow…everything I’d ever dreamed of in a job. And, I’m not exaggerating in the least:

Ok, I performed at the interview. However, had it not been for Carole’s interview coaching, I would NEVER have gotten the job offer.

That simple. Her techniques work! If I, out of work for 12 years and making a complete job change within nursing can land my first in-person interview with an offer, chances are it was not luck.

Thank you so much, Carole. What a difference you’ve help make in my life. And, lastly, her congratulations was so compelling, I printed it and hung it on the board in front of my desk to remind myself of her parting words until and throughout my new job.

Need to get the job? – ask for a free coaching analysis: https://interviewcoach.com/contact.html