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  • Question: Carole,

What is the best way to portray my extensive experience in both the military and civilian sectors?  Currently they are on one resume with two different “sections”.  My resume is lengthy due to this.  When I apply for a job I want to include both career paths in my resume because I worked in similar lanes during my military and civilian careers.  One person suggested splitting up the military and civilian work experience into two separate resumes.


  • Answer:

Resume writing is not my specialty, but I will tell you that if your experience is over ten years old – list it as “Past Experience” and only give name of company/organization and title — you don’t even have to put dates.

One suggestion is to a summary at the top of your resume so that your resume reader will see that you have two tracks.

The most important thing is that your experience match what they are looking for. Go through the job description and look to see which of your experiences matches closer to what this job requires.

I know the resume people at monster.com and would highly recommend them.

Best wishes on finding the right job to fit all that wonderful knowledge that you’ve acquired.

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