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I have interviewed for the same position on numerous accounts and feel I did not get picked due to the fact that very few men are chosen for the position.

The position calls for less qualifications, and education than I currently possess, and the duties of the position are well within my intellectual capacity.

How does one succeed in this situation? I have a different position now, but it still bothers me that I may have been over looked because I am not a woman.

Apologies if this topic deals with issues that are outside the scope of your usual area of expertise.

All The Best.

  • Mr. L
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  • Hi Mr. L

Reverse discrimination — not good. So many women are discriminated against – it’s interesting to hear it happening to a man.

There are two important things going on in an interview —-

1.  “Can he/she do the job?”

I think that you probably have what it takes – knowledge and experience – thus you are getting the interviews.

2. “Do we like him/her — will he or she fit in?”

Obviously more subjective. This is out of your control. Either it’s a place for you or it isn’t. Someone or some group of people have made a decision that you would not fit in. They may think that the coworkers might not get along with you – or, that you won’t like the work or environment/atmosphere – and leave.

Whatever reason, someone made a decision that there was a better fit than you were.

We can’t do anything about this type of thinking – it’s out of our control. Continue to work on the things that are within your control – improve your skills/knowledge — as well as your sales/interviewing skills.

Sometimes life is just not fair.

Good luck on finding another job where “they like you and that you fit in.”
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