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Carole, my name is Janis  and I am a seasoned veteran and was discharged more than 26 years ago.  I currently work for the federal government and have anywhere between 5-10 years before retirement.  I am a baby boomer and we are now living longer than ever before and our working careers are extending for a longer period of time.  I have not prepared well for retirement and I know I will have to work longer than others my age.  My question is I am a current student seeking a new career path and will be achieving my master’s degree in 2014- I know since the depression many older people such as myself have returned to school or opened their own business.  My question is since I am still in the government what paths can I take to getting a new job being that I am over the age of age discrimination and not as young as the youths they are seeking out.  I have extensive experience and am educated.  Is there any advice you can give me moving forward?


Hi Janis
Thanks for posting.

I happen to be a big supporter of “late bloomers.” My motto is “It’s never too late to make a change.”

The internet is the best friend of anyone who is trying to start a business. If you are older than the average worker this is a great way to avoid employment rejection.

Today’s world is a “virtual” world and no one has to know how old you are. When you tell people that you have 26 years of anything, they immediately start to add on their finger and toes and come up with a number – your age.  Instead, use terms like “extensive experience” – or “more than ten years.”  These terms will help disguise your age.

I have no idea how many “one person” businesses there are online –  but if you are interested, you can certainly establish yourself as an entrepreneur with very little investment. Or, you can become a part of someone else’s established business.

So many people use coaches for everything from weight reduction to job search and interviewing (couldn’t help mentioning my own business). The coaching business is thriving.

There are also many, many – in fact endless opportunities on the internet – websites can be developed for a small investment. In fact, there are ways to design your own website with the help of software and coaches.

If you plan on going the traditional way of seeking employment you may be met with resistance to your age, but not so if you have experience and knowledge that someone else needs.

Good luck on finding the right niche for you and all that experience and wisdom you have to share with those that are in need of just that experience.

Carole Martin