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1. Ask questions that came up during the interview. In other words, if they have talked a lot about a certain thing – “databases” – make sure you ask some questions about databases. “It seems from the questions you asked me, or from what I am picking up today…. Could you tell me more – or some other question you want clarified that came up during the interview. (Read between the lines).

2. “Do you have any doubts that I can do this job?”

3. “Is there any additional information that I can provide to you that would convince you that I am the best person for this job……..(drum roll) because I believe I am. (only if you believe you are) Isn’t this kind of like “closing” or “asking for the sale?”

These are all according to the situation and your interviewer.

Don’t forget to summarize if you get the chance – “What I would bring to the position…” (one minute summary of your 5 points).

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