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Self-Training Interview System for Students, New Grads and First Time Job Seekers

This is a great graduation gift – student graduating at all levels from high school to post-grad and is ideal for anyone preparing for a job interview at the last minute.

No Traveling – Convenient Times – Great Results!

Our goal is the same as yours — to get you to feel confident about interviewing and in turn get the job you want and deserve.

Are you ready to get the extra edge you need to beat out the competition and seal the deal on your dream job?

Sometimes all it takes is one or two subtle differences between applicants to break the tie and make you the winner – or the loser.

In this highly competitive market, you need every edge you can get if you don’t want to still be hunting for a job months from now.

This is a self-paced, do-it-yourself, program for you to learn new techniques to “ace the interview.” The program provides new tools, techniques and feedback to help you achieve a smoother, more confident presentation of yourself and what you have to offer an employer.

Included In The System

“Interview Fitness Training – Updated,”

Audio Step by Step Interview Training Guide written by Carole Martin. Includes everything from the Basics to Salary Negotiation and how to Follow-Through after the interview. Let Carole Martin walk with you through your preparation with the Interview Fitness Training book by listening to the audio.

AUDIO – What To Say In Every Job Interview

Attend a recorded webinar presented by Carole Martin, supporting information from her latest book, “What to Say in Every Job Interview.” 
Learn how to “read between the lines” to discover what the interviewer is really looking for.

AUDIO – The Latest and Greatest Interview Tips

Interview with top marketing professional Kevin Donlin with tips for:

  • The surprise telephone interview and what recruiters are trying to accomplish with the telephone screenings.
  • What if the telephone screener asks about salary?
  • How to have the interviewer remember you.
  • How to handle salary offers, multiple job offers, and three of the most helpful things to remember before going into the interview.

AUDIO – How To Ace Your Interview

2 hour interview of Carole Martin by – Milana Leshinsky – one of the top coach marketers.

  • How to eliminate nervousness and stress, before and during the interview. Going on an interview can be extremely nerve-racking!
  • How to mentally prepare for the interview, before it even starts.
  • The first thing you MUST do before going on a job interview. else!
  • The proper way to dress for your interview. Learn exactly what you should wear to your interview, and how you should be groomed.
  • How to research a company before going on a job interview. Learn why research is really SO important, and how to do it the right way!
  • How to answer questions without sounding scripted
  • How long you should take to answer the interviewer’s questions.
  • How to let your interviewer know that you REALLY want the job, without coming across as desperate or needy.

Want to Add Personal Coaching?

At the completion of your work with the system we would be glad to talk to discuss whether additional coaching would benefit you, and what options are best for you. Click here to request additional help.


In addition, we are including
3 FREE Bonus downloads



Interview Questions and Answers Guide – by Carole Martin

  • Do you wish you knew exactly the right words to say that would persuade employers to hire you on the spot?
  • What if you could sit down for an interview, and have just the right words flow from your lips with an ease and grace that would make even the toughest interviewer believe you are the best person for the job?
  • Well here it is – the book of answers.



Personal Interview Brand

Online, interactive tool to help you create your personal interview brand. Powerful software uncovers “magic words” that WOW even the toughest hiring managers – and launch YOU ahead of the competition and into your dream job fast!

  • Quickly and easily uncover the unique experience, skills, and traits you have that will WOW even the most hardnosed hiring managers.
  • Have these unique qualities transformed into a powerful, clear personal branding statement that you can use in your next interview to make it instantly clear to the hiring manager that you are a true gem they don’t want to pass over.
  • Get a customized list of interview answers with your personal brand injected into them, so you can make it glaringly obvious throughout the interview that you’re not like everyone else – and are someone they need to hire right away, or risk losing out on your advantageous skills and experience.

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The Complete Interview Training System for Students and all Bonus materials.
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Buy The Complete Interview Training System Now for Students, New Grads & First Time Job Seekers!

$ 69 .00

Instant Access to the
Complete Interview Training System for Students and all Bonus materials!

NOT Kindle compatible

All Digital Version – Image is a visual
representation of digital products

Includes FREE Bonus Materials

Training Audios
Interview Questions and Answers Guide
– by Carole Martin
Personal Interview Brand


From UC Berkelely student:
Hi Carole, Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me and provide feedback. I learned a lot from your suggestions, especially the story format model.

– Jeanine

From a Reader of Interview Fitness Training:
“Thanks so much for your wonderful book. I’ve learned a lot from it. It helped me get this job.”

– Jim Satcher
– who hadn’t interviewed in 10 years.

“Carole Martin’s positive approach makes the interview process seem like fun. She has a special gift for each reader.”

– Jennifer Robin, Image Consultant
– Author of Clothe Your Spirit

This book is concise and well written. I was able to clear up many questions I had about interviewing. The part on salary negotiations was very helpful as I often felt uncomfortable discussing or bargaining for the right salary. I would recommend this book to anyone requiring some interview coaching.