No job offers in sight? If you are not getting interviews, you should look at your resume: it may need to be redone because you may not be marketing yourself well. If you are getting interviews and not offers, you need to look at your interviewing techniques. You may appear desperate instead of in-charge. Companies are looking for people to solve their problems. Their problems have to do with getting the work done. For some reason (someone left or was promoted, or this is a new position), they have a gap in their system. It is up to you to show how you could fill the gap and perhaps even bring additional value to the company if you were hired. In other words, be the solution to their problem.

Interviewing with a “consultant mind-set” often helps. Take the time to analyze what the company is seeking – not just what is written in the ad or job description, but what it would take to get the job done, and done well! In an interview, listen for clues in the questions asked and the comments made. Let the interviewer know through your responses and your questions that you have an understanding of what it would take to do this job and can prove it through past experiences. Skilled interviewers are using “Behavioral Interviewing” techniques to interview candidates. What this means is that they are listening for past behavior as an indicator of future success. If you did it somewhere else, you can do it for this company.

It is important for you to know what you can bring to a company and sell yourself accordingly. What have been your successes in the past? Can you tell stories about those successes? Prepare your stories so that you can demonstrate how your past experiences can transfer to new situation

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