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“How would you describe yourself?” “Tell us about yourself and your background and how it relates to this position?” “Why should we choose you over the other candidates?” “What can you do for this company?”

Your task is to give the interviewers a clear and concise “snapshot” of yourself – with just enough information to give them an overall picture – without too much detail.


For the past six years I have been in the electronics industry working on computer systems. Two years ago I was promoted to lead technician and currently supervise four testers and technicians. My key strength is ability to use my analytical skills to solve problems. I take an analytical view of what is happening and work through the process by trying various solutions. I work well independently or as a member of a team. I have worked in fast-paced environments most of my life, and am very goal-oriented and deadline driven. I usually think “outside the box,” and come up with new ways to look at old problems. I am very thorough, with a strong attention to detail. Customer service and follow-through are my key strengths. I have made some long-lasting relationships with customers by building rapport through trust. It is important to me to do work that makes a difference – no matter what my role. I’d like to find a position where I can bring what I have learned and apply it to new situations.

We usually write differently than we talk. Write out what you think is important for the interviewer to know and then convert your writing into a conversation.

It is important that you practice this introduction – become smooth and natural – not stilted or rehearsed.