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Not getting a follow-up call after a job interview when promised is a very common occurrence. Candidates are sometimes sure that they aced the interview and are perfect for the position, and, in fact, they are anticipating a call and an offer. But instead they get “nothing.” No offer; no call. They never hear from the company. This is not only frustrating, but reflects poorly on the company. In fact it is rude. What can you do about this situation?  Here are some tips on how to handle the follow up that may save you from some anxiety.

1. Try to find out about the decision-process before you leave the interview. Ask when you could expect to hear back. Take that date and then add a few days before you start to worry.

2. Always send a follow up, addressing any concerns you may have picked up or any thoughts you had about the position since the interview. Think of this as one more chance to put yourself in front of them.

3. After you have waited for a reasonable period beyond the date they stated, call and inquire as to the status of the position and whether you are still being considered for the position.

4. As a general rule, don’t call on Mondays – bad day to market anything.

5. If you leave a message inquiring about the status of the job, and no one calls you back after a couple of attempts – move on and forget about it. Don’t call back more than a couple of times. There is a fine line between being persistent and being a pest.

6. If you are told you are no longer under consideration, try asking for feedback (most of the time they won’t give you any, but it is still worth a try). Ask if there is any additional information that you can supply that will convince them that you are the right person for the job.

7. Don’t rely on one job interview. No matter what was said in the interview – continue your search. There have been too many bad examples of those who thought they were a shoe-in – only to get a reject letter.

8. Don’t take it personally! There are about a thousand reasons that could have affected your chances.

9. Accept the fact that not all companies are right for you. Just like blind dates – they are checking you out and you are checking them out. Sometimes it’s chemistry – and sometimes it wasn’t right for you – for whatever reason.

10. Try not to get discouraged by the rejects. It’s a numbers game and your turn will come if you hang in there.

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