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With so many millions of people out-of-work, the question we need to ask is how will the process work to get people back to work?
Obviously, it really depends on the industry, and/or the job in many cases.
But, if you’re not going back to your “old” job, or don’t want to return to your old job, now is the time to start re-thinking what you do want.
Do you want to go back to the same job, if it is offered?
There are many factors to consider here.
The first factor will probably be the financial situation that you find yourself in.
This may be a time when, for at least some people, going back to your previous job will be the only available option. Changing careers may not be a possibility… yet. Perhaps you’ve acquired debt or expenses during the shutdown and will be grateful to be back to work. These people will have to deal with what has been dealt, but that doesn’t rule out planning for the future. Your new long term goal may be to find an “essential job”
In some industries, there will be “mass-hirings.”
Will “job fairs” once again be popular?
Will recruiters be combing through files preparing for what will be needed – and needed, fast!
The key for YOU is to be prepared.
What do you want to do?
Where do you want to do it?
What are you able to do? (good time to acquire new skills – on-line learning)
Is it time for a change?
In some ways, this could be the opportunity that you have been waiting for. In some cases you need to be rescued or you will drown.
Whatever the case, now is a good time to make YOURSELF your latest “project.”
You are your own boss right now – so give yourself an assignment – set some deadlines – do some brainstorming (with yourself or with others). There are many classes, and professionals to help you with the process.
Hopefully, we all learned something from this time change to our lives. What we took for granted, isn’t something that is guaranteed. What we took for granted can be taken away – in a very short time!
Carpe diem –“seize the day!”