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To send or not to send – will it really make a difference?

The follow-up, thank you, letter is more than a nice “thank you for the interview.”

It is one more chance for you to sell yourself, and to tell them what you can do for them. Don’t assume the interviewer remembers everything you said.

When multiple candidates are interviewed and compared, some of the highlights you hoped would be considered, may have been lost or forgotten.

Remind them of what you can do for them – not what they can do for you.

Your letter could be the tiebreaker between you and two, or even more candidates, so put some thought and effort behind what you say.
Even if it doesn’t get you the job, what do you have to lose? A few minutes to write a thoughtful email? Or, if you take the “mail route” – the cost of a postage stamp?

Hedge your bet – it could land you a job!