The internal interview poses its own set of challenges. Believe it or not, it can be even more difficult than external interviews. There are different challenges in this type of interview and if you don’t prepare ahead of time you may find that even though you are more than qualified – you do not get the job.

THE #1 Mistake

Do not assume that you will get the job because you work for the company – no matter how many years of experience you have with the company, you are a candidate for a new position.

  • Use the same preparation techniques that you would for an external job. Research, Practice, and Follow through.
  • Know as much as possible about the department and the players involved before you interview.
  • Don’t assume the job is yours because you have worked for the company for many years. In most cases, you are an applicant to be considered like any other – internal or external.
  • Ask questions to make sure this job is for you. Find out about the department morale, and how the department fits into the bigger company picture. What are the challenges and issues this department faces?
  • Send a follow up letter just as you would if you were an external applicant. Let them know what added-value you can bring to the department/job.