There is a “hard sell” approach – the hard-core sales person – and there is a “consultant” approach – letting the customer you understand their problem.

Selling yourself doesn’t just come naturally to most people, but one of the first rules of sales is to understand where the customer is coming from. Anyone who works in sales would tell you that you should “qualify” your customer first before you begin the sale.

There are those sales people that can sell vacuums to people in dirt huts – but chances are that you are NOT a natural-born sales person or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

  • Step #1

Researching the company is essential to trying to sell yourself as a solution to a problem. First you have to define the problem –“sounds like you are looking for…”

  • Step #2

When you can fully understand what “they” are looking for only then can you let them know that you are the solution or best candidate for the job.

  • Step #3

Read through the posting or job description three times. once for content. Then, read it a second time for specific words that are emphasized. There will be specific words used according to the job or industry that you are applying for. Make a list of these words to use as “key factors” needed. Now, return to the job posting and read it once more. This time read “between the lines.” What would it take to do this job? If for instance, there is a statement such as, “Position will require frequent collaboration and interaction on all levels of staff and management,” you can gather that “strong interpersonal” and “communication” skills” will be needed to do this job. By making a list of “key requirements” you can match them against what you have to offer.

  • Step #4

Answer the question “Why should we hire you?”

This is the key to letting the interviewer know that you not only know your product (even if it is a vacuum cleaner) but let them know why they should invest in you.

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