Employers are looking for certain qualities in an employee. By looking at a question and matching it to a factor – you can be ready with an example or a story to answer the question – no matter what the question.

It’s impossible to predict what you will be asked – but it is possible to think about what factors the interviewer will be looking for and possibly scoring you on your answers – based on the factor sought.

Common Factors For Most Jobs

These overlap in many areas – it basically boils down to about seven or eight common factors.

1. Ability to communicate orally /relate well with others – customer service

2. Ability to organize, plan, and prioritize

3. Ability to bring enthusiasm to the position – self-motivated

4. Ability to maintain a positive image – composure in stressful situations

5. Ability to evaluate information and make judgment decisions/ problem solving

6. Initiative and motivation – team/leadership

7. Ability to adapt to changing situations

8. Integrity

Question – What’s important for you in a job?
Factor – motivation, enthusiasm.

Question – How do you handle working with a difficult colleague?
Factor – communicate, relate with others

Question – How will you add value within 30-60-90 days?
Factor – self-motivated, initiative, ability to plan and organize

Question – Tell me about your last great idea.
Factor – initiative, problem solving, analyze, judgment

Question – If you were put into a compromising situation at work, where would you turn?
Factor – adapt to changing situation, maintain a positive image – composure, analyze, problem solve.

By focusing on factors rather than questions you will be able to tell stories that can relate your past experiences as indicators
of your future success.