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1. Assess the job before the interview. What is the role of the job?

  • Talk to the person leaving the job to find out what the job entails.
  • Ask how the job could be done more efficiently – adding/deleting tasks.
  • Talk with customers (internal and external) and end users to assess their needs.

2. Identify the job’s “key factors” for success.

  • What knowledge-based experience is needed to do this job? (example, education)
  • What transferable skills are necessary to succeed? (example, communication)
  • What personality traits will be needed to do this job? (example, friendly)

3. Prepare questions to ask during the interview.

  • Prepare questions based on identified “key factors.”
  • Include questions that ask for examples of past behavior in previous jobs.
  • Prepare a list of secondary questions to probe deeper.

4. Include all interviewers in the plan/process.

  • Provide each interviewer with a list of “key factors.”
  • Make a list of suggested questions for each interviewer.
  • Each interviewer should cover a specific area of concern.

5. Objectively review the results and rate the candidate after the interview.

  • Collect input from each interviewer.
  • Rate each candidate using the “key factors.” (rating scale – example 1-5)
  • Make a hiring decision based on consensus feedback.

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