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For years, and years, I have taught, and written in my articles, about the importance of a “good handshake.” FORGET ABOUT IT!

Handshaking will be out – at least for a while. I don’t know yet what will replace it, but for a long time most of us will be reluctant to offer to shake another person’s hand.
After all, we won’t know the last time that hand had a good 20-second-washing!
We are all searching for answers to the questions about how the current situation we are going through will change our everyday-lives moving forward.
“The Job Interview” is destined for a change.
For at least a while, in-person interviews may be replaced by “On-line virtual interviews.”
This will require some new techniques.
If you have had Zoom, Skype, Teams or other meeting sites experience during this shutdown, you may have realized that you need to change some things to interview for a job on camera. Maybe just little things such as your background, lighting, whether to wear your glasses or not and how to look your best. And you may have also noticed that you may not be coming across the way that you thought you were coming across. Maybe you need to sit up straighter or project your voice more. Those things are easily fixed with some experience and feedback.
The question is, who can give you that feedback?
At Interviewcoach.com you can find out exactly how to have your best interview online. We are the interview experts and offer a number of packages to get you ready for your next interview!