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Take a look at this list of words (also feel free to add to the list) – and select the values that are really important to you or “essential” to you – in your work?
Highlight your TOP TEN or so – essential values

Location Time Freedom Public Contact
Environment Independence Competition
Aesthetics Entrepreneur Job Satisfaction
Work Alone Power/Authority Fast-paced
Leadership Intellectual Stimulation Advancement
Help Others/Society Mental Creativity Risk
Respect Challenging Problems Humor – Fun
Community Decision Making Physical
High Earnings Artistic Creativity Entertain/Perform
Adventure Spirituality Security
Mobility Growth Balance
Variety Influence Friendship
Work with Others
Make a list of your key values – prioritize them as to importance – what you would like in your next or future jobs.

Write YOUR definition for each word – what it means to YOU.

Take a close look at your list. Is it in balance? Are you achieving what you want in your work life?

What are you willing to do about it to make your life more fulfilling and in balance?

If something is of essential value to you and you’re not “living” that value – whose values are

you living? This list will become your “food for thought.”


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