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“The number of job openings in the United States fell to 10.8 million in January, down 410,000 from December but still exceeding the number of eligible workers by far, according to data released Wednesday by the Labor Department.”
“There are now 1.9 job openings for every person available to fill them, according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS. Federal Reserve officials carefully monitor the JOLTS report as they make decisions on monetary policy, like raising interest rates. The “extremely tight” labor market is one of the indicators showing that the economy remains stronger than expected despite high inflation and rising interest rates.”

Virtual Job Interview Coaching for Professionals

Immediate Feedback and Preparation for the Online Virtual Interview

Get In-Person attention – Complete Critique of Your Interview Style


Online or Virtual Job Interview
Online job interviewing is NOT new!
But, it has never been used to the extent it is being used today!


Preparing for a Virtual job interview should absolutely include doing a practice run before you actually go on camera for the interview.


Even though online job interviewing is especially necessary during these stressful times, it is more than likely here to stay!


Companies are saving a lot of money on travel and can fit interviewing into a busy schedule – sometimes without even leaving home, if that is necessary.


What is so different about the online interview?


Well, for starters – it has limitations for both parties, and for using your intuition to check out how your answers are resonating.


There is a barrier that is somewhat stilted in using new media. It’s unnatural – the coloring, lighting, and angles are not showing you at your best!


Get ready for the added challenge –  interviewing in front of your computer/laptop camera.


What this means is that you will be sitting at home or in an office and staring at a screen with an image looking back at you. Not just looking at you, but asking you questions – putting you on the spot!


There may also be a small window that you can see yourself in the corner. As if you weren’t already nervous enough about the interview process this new technology could take you over-the-top.


So, if you want to get into the NEW job market, you will have to be ready for the latest trends and challenges for Virtual job interviewing!




The question is:


How do you prepare for such an interview?”


Uncharted territory is always difficult, but with a professional Coach and some preparation and practice –  this just might work in your favor. A new challenge!


Feedback is extremely important


how are you coming across?
are you being natural?
does it feel awkward?
are you focused or distracted?


There is nothing that will help you to improve more than feedback. (Family members can be helpful – but sometimes they can make things worse even though they’re trying to help you!)


Think about having a professional practice with you and encouraging you.


Think about using a recording – practicing without the risk of losing something – the job!


Think about this as a “dress rehearsal” – the audience is there to help you in this case.


At The Interview Coach, we have professional coaching specifically for the online or virtual interview. Check us out today and ace your next virtual interview.