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Online Job Interview Coaching for Professionals

Skype and other online platforms

The best way to prepare for
companies that interview online

Get the experience,practice and feedback on your on-screen interview skills.

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Virtual Job Interview Coaching for Professionals
Immediate Feedback and Preparation for the Online Virtual Interview


Get In-Person attention – Complete Critique of Your Interview Style

Online job interviewing is NOT new!

But, it has never been used to the extent it is being used today!
Preparing for a Virtual job interview should absolutely include doing a practice-run before you actually go on camera for the interview.

Even though online job interviewing is especially necessary during these stressful times, it is more than likely here to stay!

Companies are saving a lot of money on travel, and can fit interviewing into a busy schedule – sometimes without even leaving home, if that is necessary.

What is so different about the online interview? 

Well, for starters – it has limitations for both parties, and for using your intuition to check out How your answers are resonating .

There is a barrier that is somewhat stilted in using a new media. It’s unnatural – the coloring, lighting, angles are not showing you at your best!

Get ready for the added challenge –  interviewing in front of your computer/laptop camera.

What this means is that you will be sitting at home or in an office and staring into a screen with an image looking back at you. Not just looking at you, but asking you questions – putting you on the spot!

There may also be a small window that you can see yourself in the corner. As if you weren’t already nervous enough about the interview process this new technology could take you over-the-top.

So, if you want to get into the NEW job market, you will have to be ready for the latest trends and challenges for Virtual job interviewing!


The question is:

“How do you prepare for such an interview?”

Uncharted territory is always difficult, but with a professional Coach and some preparation and practice –  this just might work in your favor. A new challenge!

Feedback is extremely important

–      how are you coming across?
–      are you being natural?
–      does it feel awkward?
–      are you focused or distracted.

· There is nothing that will help you to improve more than feedback.
(Family members can be helpful – but sometimes they can make things worse even though they’re trying to help you!)

· Think about having a professional practicing with you and encouraging you.

· Think about using a recording – practicing without risk of losing something – the job!

· Think about this as a “dress rehearsal” – the audience is there to help you in this case.


Tips On Online Interviewing

Rule #1 Practice with Video Online.

You will be far more at ease in a job interview if you have used an Online video Platform Live Zoom,Teams and Skype before the interview. The good news is that the experience doesn’t require expensive equipment. In fact, if you have a laptop computer there is more than likely a built in camera and you are all set to begin.
For those who do not have a laptop small webcam cameras are available at stores that sell electronic equipment for a reasonable price.

Important: Make sure your internet connection is stable.

Setup of video itself is easily installed on your computer and you will be up and running in no time.

Important: Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.

Rule #2 Adjust the Camera before the interview.

Important: Check that your computer’s audio is working and test your computer’s webcam.

Becoming comfortable with the adjustment of the camera level and angle will give you the power to position how the other person will see you. If you call in before the interview you can “play” with the placement of the camera so that you can look your best.

Important: It will help connection stability and video clarity if you close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.

Rule #3 Makeup/Lights/Camera

As with any interview, judgment starts at first sight. There is a limited amount of things that you can do to change your appearance but looking your best is as important as in any face-to-face interview.

A few basic rules:

·  Look Professional at least for the part of you in camera range.

·  Wear solid colors not prints or bold patterns. Pastels are softer than white.

·  Make sure that you are well groomed hair, facial hair, teeth (no spinach in the teeth)..

·  Sit up straight posture is important to your impression and self-confidence.

·  Smile, as appropriate. You don’t want to look like a deer caught in headlights.

·  Avoid looking down at notes try to look at the screen/camera. You will be talking to a face, or faces, on the screen. Look into the person’s eyes just as you would in an in-person interview.

·  As tempting as this may be, avoid staring at yourself in the small box. This is about you having a conversation with another person.

·  Avoid sudden or jerky hand gestures. Sometime there is a camera delay and it will be to your advantage to use smooth hand gestures and movements.

·  If you wear makeup, wear eye makeup to emphasize your eyes and softer colored lipstick. Experiment with this look.

Rule #4 Good Content Is Essential

It is a given that unless you have something that will “grab” your viewer’s attention, they will more than likely delete the recording and not invite you in for another interview.

This is a professional endeavor and should be treated as a professional presentation. You may not be the most objective person to judge whether anyone will watch beyond the first 30 seconds.

Get feedback from a professional, friend, or family member. Remember to choose someone who will be able to dish-out some honest feedback without you becoming defensive or having your feelings hurt.

Rule #5 Beware of Phony Postings/Contacts

If you are actively screening job postings, you may have seen an item posted on some company’s websites. It’s an offer for a “Free Application Screening.” Surprise this is nothing more than a job interview using video to see you and make a judgment whether or not to pursue you further.

As with anything new, there will be a learning curve with this process. Experiment with others to feel more at ease when you do receive that call for a video/Online interview. Once you get the call, it will be too late to start to practice.

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“My Coach’s demanding, high pace approach was perfect: it gave me plenty to work with, demonstrated the equal level of commitment and effort that my coach put into his side of our work, and provided momentum, urgency, and prepared me well for multiple skype (and now in person) interviews. I am very, very grateful for his expert coaching. It has given me an algorithm for reorienting my preparation around the audience and THEIR needs.”

— Anna

“What I liked most about the coaching experience as a whole was how well it prepared me for the types of questions I was most likely to get in an interview. I walked in with lots prepared and memorized to say, and that gave me a lot of confidence. I felt like I knew what I wanted to say and wasn’t surprised by anything I was asked. “

“I do think online coaching was more helpful than phone coaching alone in that I got useful pointers on how to sit and how to use hand gestures. I would definitely recommend Rod for virtual online coaching, I think he helped me a lot.”
– Josh

“My coach really helped me understand and be clear about my strengths and how to emphasize what I have to offer .”
— N.B.

Regarding being coached through SKYPE or Zoom, it gave me the opportunity to see and hear myself in a simulated interview situation. I was able to identify areas of improvement right away.

The review session with my coach and his feedback/discussions, reinforced the changes I need to make to improve my interviewing skills. Having video recording available provided an opportunity to address my facial expression, posture, eye contact, etc.

Because you provide recordings, I have the ability to review all the recording any time I want and continue to improve.

Online coaching is better than phone coaching because face to face virtual sessions provide additional techniques to improve and enhance the interview experience that the phone alone doesn’t cover.

I would not hesitate to recommend Skype or online training to others. It is equally important to learn both phone and onlinw interview techniques. The Interview Coach training covers both, and is very close the real situation. I highly recommend it.”
— A.L.