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The temptations are there – warm, lazy, casual days, when the shoes of choice are “flip flops.” Taking the summer off and getting back into the groove of things when the “kids go back to school” would be very easy.

STOP! This is not the time to give up on your job search, at least not all the way.
Here are five ways to get through your job search this summer and still enjoy some sun and fun – guilt free.

1. Get up earlier. The sun is up earlier and the early morning hours are much cooler than at high noon. Try leaving your blinds open or shades up and rise when the sun begins to stream through the window.

2. Set a schedule for yourself. Plan to work at your job search for a certain number of hours each day. Stick to the schedule that you set for yourself.

3. Take advantage of new networking opportunities. Getting outside more often or going to new places, will expose you to more people. Be sure and make contacts whenever and wherever possible. The best networking is done in the least expected places.

4. Work in the cool of the evening. Some people work best in the evening. If you’re one of these people it is best for you to work when you are your most creative. Play during the day and set work time for evening.

5. Forget your search and enjoy. When you decide to enjoy a summer picnic or an all-day outing, let go of your job search and enjoy the day. Permit yourself a vacation day from your “job” of job search.

Although job hunting is certainly a key goal for anyone who is looking for a job, it is also a good idea to take time “to smell the ocean” once in a while. You’ll find yourself refreshed and more energized if you take time to enjoy family and friends. As the slogan goes, “You deserve a break today!”

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