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Single Session
Two 60-minute sessions of interview coaching by a professionally trained and experienced coach where the focus will be on you and your specific needs, wants and problems.

Recorded Sessions
The sessions will be recorded and you will be sent a link to download and listen to on your favorite device. Hearing yourself – as well as hearing the suggestions from the coach – may not be easy at times – but it will be rewarding to get straightforward, honest feedback.

Your Own Personal Statement Written for You
Every client will receive a personalized “5 point” statement of what you have to offer. These 5 points can be used to answer one of the dreaded questions – “Tell me about yourself” – as well as a summary of what you have to offer as a closing statement. These 5 points become the basis of answering several questions about you and why you stand out from the other candidates. It is a personalized statement that only you can say. You will receive these 5 points by email after the first session.

Specialized Coaching
The agenda will be up to you and what you want or need. This is your opportunity to find out why you are not getting a call-back or an in-person interview. The sessions are tailored to you and your needs – whatever they may be – ranging from the basics to salary negotiations.



Customized coaching manual with exercises and explanations to prepare for your personal coaching.

You will receive The Complete Interview System ($149 value) which includes the latest, most comprehensive tips, tools, and techniques for interview preparation written and published by Carole Martin.

Your coach will then be able to help you focus on preparing for a successful interview by using these tools and techniques. This process will get you organized and enable you to answer those difficult interview questions more confidently and succinctly.


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