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I’m not sure what I do differently in an interview. I guess I am personable and I tend to be animated and just be me. I attribute a lot of my success to preparing those stories that The Interview Coach teaches. “What was the problem?” “What did you do about the problem?” “What was the result?” Most of the interviews asked behavioral questions, “Tell me about a time…. For every bullet on my resume I do have a story to tell – these stories are very easy to remember because I lived through them. So I just tell them what I have done in the past and how I can apply those things to their environment.

Interview Jitters

I was a little nervous before the interview. I even brought a handkerchief in case I began to sweat. I parked my car and watched people coming and going through the lunch hour to see how people were dressed; how they carried themselves, just to get an idea of the people I would be seeing. I picked out one guy as a “regular” sort of guy. Well, it turned out that this guy was my first interviewer. And he was great! Once I got in the interview room I was no longer nervous. The interviewers at this company were all very well prepared. They had taken the time to highlight parts of my resume to ask questions about.

Questions asked

The questions they asked were pretty much about what I had done in the past and how I did it.

How did you do this…?
How did you increase quality?
What are your experiences in …?
Have you done this before…?
What is your approach to…?

I had prepared and was able to relate my success stories to them with no problem. Preparation did make a difference.